Heavy duty machine tools


We offer tailor-made heavy duty machine tools for highly demanding applications. We are experts in machining carbon products, railway turnoouts, raw forgings and many more.

iso 60
High torque up to 6900 Nm


We combine power and accuracy in one single machine tool. We are experts in machining with ISO 60 tools.

Machining of railway turnouts


No matter what heavy duty application you need we deliver the right solution.

Machining of carbon products and heat exchangers


Passion for engineering and precision in manufacturing



More than 150 customized heavy duty projects

Experience in heavy duty solutions

30 years

Over 30 years of experience in heavy duty machine tools

30 Years


DTI machines stand out due to their reliability, exceptional heavy duty design and customization.

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DTI has developed special machine tools for sectors where heavy duty solutions are requested.

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What's new

01 June 2022
The smallest machining center from 5HMC family successfully delivered

5HMC machining centers offer the highest productivity and precision for the heavy duty cutting.The smallest in the family 5HMC120CNC can machine the workpiece 1000mm x 1200mm and is prepared for ISO 50 tools (all other 5HMC work with ISO 60).

03 October 2021
Before and after - another successful modernization

Another cost-efficient modernization successfully completed by DTI team. Waldrich Coburg planer mill produced in 1979 has been under the extensive modernization process for over 1 year and now it can again ensure the rigidity and precision for the next decades.

27 May 2021
Tailor-made modernization of old Waldrich Coburg machine

When our customer to whom we have already delivered 4 heavy duty planer mills said he was looking for another one but with a lower budget we started looking for a solution.

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