About US

Who we are

We are an engineering driven company focusing on the manufacturing of special purpose heavy duty machine tools. We specialize in custom design machine tools for demanding applications where high torque, power and ISO 60 tools are needed. We maximize the balance between power and accuracy in one high performing and exceptional machine tool. This is our response to the new challenging requirements coming from different industries: railway, carbon, energy, ship building and raw materials manufacturing. We deliver SMART SOLUTIONS FOR TOMORROW'S TOUGH APPLICATIONS.




In DTI we believe that each project starts from the needs of our customers. We also believe that the are no shortcuts. The founder of the company used to say that “precision does not stand any compromise”. This is why we do it right from the very beginning.

First jointly with our customers we discuss how to customize the machine to fit exactly their needs. This refers to new machines and the modernized ones. When the expectations are clearly defined we start the process. Our machines are designed and sized using the FEM (Finite Element Method). Our projects are always oversized to ensure long lasting performance and reliability.



Company History 

Design Technologies International (DTI) was founded in 1991 and nowadays it enjoys an established position in the field of custom design heavy duty machine tools. 

With over 30 years of history and more than 160 successfully completed special projects we can be proud of our experience. But what we are most proud of are the long term relations we have developed with our customers. Our clients are coming back to order the second, third and more machine tools. This is our best reference.

DTI is a member of HACO group, the remaining 25% is owned by the founder’s family. This gives DTI a strong financial backing, worldwide resources for service, and an offering of custom (DTI) and standard (HACO) machine tool solutions


Our mission


Tailor made heavy duty machine tools need to meet the highest quality requirements. This is why we have our own quality department equipped in first class stationary and portable measuring tools. This includes Hamar and Renishaw lasers used for accuracy and repeatability check.

Together with our machine tools we supply not only the manuals and dedicated training programs but also "quality books". This means that for each key unit (headstock, tailstock etc) we create a list of all elements with quality and material certificates directly from the suppliers to give our customers a certainty regarding the source and quality.

We cooperate only with the world leading suppliers such as Siemens, Heidenhain, Hydac, Schneeberger, Kabelschlepp, THK/INA/NSK, Igus, Rittal, Stoeber, ZF, Guedel and many more.

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