Modernization for the world leader in the production of machines for the paper industry
02 November 2023

Modernization for the world leader in the production of machines for the paper industry

We have just completed the modernization of a milling machine with a movable crossrail manufactured by WALDRICH SIEGEN PORĘBA in 1972. Our client, a leader in the production of machines for the paper industry, can again machine complex workpieces with max dimensions of 1600mm x 8000mm x 2000mm.

After signing the contract, we spent the first 8 months preparing the project and completing all the new parts. Thanks to this, we managed to shorten the duration of the modernization works, and thus the time the machine was taken out of production.

The work we performed included:

  • replacement of the entire electrical installation and control (including a new Siemens CNC system, new Siemens servo drives, new Siemens milling spindle drive, new air-conditioned electrical cabinet, new operator panel, new Heidenhain measuring scales, new wiring and new Igus power tracks),
  • replacement of the obsolete crossrail vertical travel system with a new modern system composed of 2 ball screws, 2 planetary gear boxes and 2 Siemens servo drives; 2 Heidenhain measuring scales ensure the accuracy of this vertical movement,
  • replacement of the entire hydraulic and lubrication system along with electric motors driving the hydraulic and lubrication pumps,
  • replacement of all bearings in the spindle gear box,
  • replacement of spindle bearings on the vertical spindle (current radial and axial spindle runout 5 microns),
  • grinding the spindle cone ISO50,
  • replacement of the table drive gear box,
  • installation of new covers on the table, columns and crossrail to increase the work safety.

As a result, this 50-year-old machine has the functionality of a new machine tool, without the need to build a new foundation, and a 12-month warranty for modernization.

Our modernizations of heavy duty machine tools are a financially and time-attractive alternative to new projects.


27 September 2023
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