Heavy-duty vertical machine tools:

Milling machines for processing hard materials
Multi-spindle machine tools

Discover DTI heavy-duty vertical machine tools, a world where innovation meets durability. Our milling machines and multi-spindle machines are designed to handle the most demanding machining tasks. No matter the industry, our machine tools offer unrivaled accuracy, efficiency and durability, taking your production processes to the next level.

Heavy-duty vertical machine tools

DTI heavy-duty vertical machine tools are the essence of power and precision – they are dedicated to demanding applications in various industry sectors, such as railways or energy sector.

Our milling machines dedicated for machining hard materials and specialized multi-spindle machines are designed to machining the hardest materials, providing exceptional performance and accuracy.

Using the latest technologies and innovative solutions, DTI machines guarantee not only the optimization of production processes, but also increasing their profitability and extending the life of the machine.

Milling machines for processing hard materials – FB

Our FB series milling machines are specially designed for heavy-duty machining of the hardest materials, offering spindle drive power up to 92 kW and torque up to 6.900 Nm.

These are ideal machines for tasks that require big power, high torque and precision. Thanks to extensive equipment and configuration options, each milling machine can be precisely adapted to the specific needs of your production process. The FB series is also available in a gantry version.

Multi-spindle machine tools – GMC

Our GMC series multi-spindle machines are a breakthrough in machining for the energy sector. Featuring innovative technical solutions, these high-performance machines are ideal for drilling, chamfering and reaming holes with unrivaled precision and efficiency.

The possibility of integration with a 3D laser scanner additionally increases their functionality, enabling precise measurements and process automation. GMC machines are the key to optimizing production, ensuring faster machining at lower operating costs.