Horizontal machines:

Heavy-duty lathes and machining centers with swiveling spindle unit

Reliable horizontal machine tools – heavy-duty lathes and machining centers with  swiveling spindle unit – this is our specialty. Discover DTI’s market-leading horizontal machines that combine advanced technology with unrivaled durability and precision. Our solutions are designed to maximize the efficiency and increase the profitability of your production. Each machine is proof of our commitment to providing first-class solutions for your production needs.

Heavy-duty horizontal machines

DTI heavy-duty horizontal machine tools – in which the spindles work in a horizontal plane – are the foundation for advanced industrial production. Equipped with an extremely rigid structure, the machines can cope with even the most demanding, heavy processing.

Thanks to their adaptability to a wide range of applications, they are used in industries requiring reliability and precision, such as railways, energy or shipyards, providing you with increased productivity and reduced downtime-

Horizontal machining centers with swiveling spindle unit
5 HMC, 5+1 HMC

Each heavy-duty 5 axis horizontal milling center with swiveling spindle unit you can individually configure. We also offer the option of adding a “W” axis and changing 5 HMC into 5+1 HMC swiveling boring mill.

The machines in this series are designed to meet your individual needs. Thanks to the possibility of configuration, our machining centers are an ideal solution for complex technological tasks where maximum precision and efficiency are required.

Multi-spindle drilling machines HMDD

Horizontal multi-spindle drilling machines HMDD are used in the energy and chemical industries for deep drilling in sheets and baffles for heat exchangers. We offer the possibility of using 3 drilling
methods on one machine: BTA, GUNDRILL (ELB) and standard drilling and threading with SK 50 tool taper.

Heavy-duty TV lathes

All heavy-duty lathes we offer can be adapted to your individual requirements thanks to a wide range of available configuration options. These advanced machines combine unique power, precision and flexibility to meet the most demanding tasks. You can find small and medium-sized lathes on the FAT HACO website.