Solutions for the carbon industry: Machine tools for processing carbon and graphite products

Are you looking for a reliable machine tool for machining carbon products or a machine tool for machining graphite products? Get to know our offer! At DTI, we combine over three decades of experience with modern technologies, delivering efficient machines that transform the challenges of the carbon industry into opportunities. Regardless of your needs, our solutions will provide you with a technological and production advantage, optimizing processes and raising quality standards.

We have been supporting the steel industry for a quarter of a century

For over 25 years, DTI has become synonymous with innovation and reliability in providing machine tools dedicated to the steel industry, especially in the processing of carbon and carbon-graphite products.

Our milestone, the first fully automated cathode block processing line, which we delivered in 1996, demonstrates our commitment to the development and improvement of production processes. The LBK400CNC model – capable of comprehensive machining of blocks measuring 900mm x 900mm x 3000mm, from raw material to finished product – has an installed power of 370kW and an impressive number of 40 CNC axes. This is a line that has proven that our solutions are built to last for decades.

Machine tools for the carbon industry – wide offer

Discover a wide range of modern solutions for comprehensive machining – get to know our machines for processing carbon products and machines for processing graphite (and carbon-graphite) products.

Our offer is addressed to all the most important branches of coal processing:

  • machining of cathode blocks,
  • processing of furnace linings,
  • machining of carbon and carbon-graphite electrodes,
  • machining of nipples.

Production lines for the carbon industry – flexible solutions

We offer both fully automated processing lines and individual machines dedicated to this industry.

Processing lines are fully automated solutions that include not only machining, but also loading, unloading, manipulators, rotators, buffer stations, measuring stations, final quality control, vision systems, dedicated production monitoring programs, detail marking, dust removal systems and other elements in depending on the individual needs of the client.

Thanks to many years of experience, we create special solutions for mounting details during machining. We design the lines in a modular system to ensure independent control of their individual parts. It all adds up to efficient, comprehensive and effective processing.

Horizontal milling centers with swiveling spindle unit 5HMC

For the processing of carbon and carbon-graphite furnace linings, we offer a specially designed family of horizontal milling centers with swiveling spindle unit 5HMC.

The combination of three main axes (table travel “X” axis, column travel “Z” axis, headstock travel “Y” axis) and two swivel axes (headstock rotation “A” axis and table rotation “B” axis) ensures the ability to process complex shapes , including drain holes.