CNC automated machining lines:

Your turnkey projects

At DTI we understand that each project is a new story. Therefore, our CNC automated machining lines are not only a comprehensive service – it is, above all, a partnership in which we jointly discover the best ways to optimize your production. We focus on listening carefully and understanding your needs, from the first conversations with operators to the strategic plans of the investment department. We create solutions that not only meet your current requirements, but also open up new possibilities for your production.

CNC automated machining  lines

For years, we have been our clients’ partner in implementing new technologies and production solutions in various industries.

Why are our turnkey projects successful?

  • First of all, because we listen to you carefully and then transform your expectations into individual technical solutions. Over the years, we have learned that the most important thing is to talk to representatives of various departments to get a comprehensive view of the problem.
  • Operators share with us current problems related to machining.
  • Technologists define process requirements.
  • Marketers define future demand.
  • Tool suppliers present technical requirements that allow the use of the most advanced tools and inserts.
  • Maintenance department looks through the prism of subsequent operation – access to spare parts, frequency and duration of maintenance service.
  • Health and safety inspectors assess occupational safety as well as the user-friendliness and ergonomics of the design for operators.
  • Finally, the Financial  department analyzes the efficiency of the new solution in relation to the payback time of the investment and the competitive advantage achieved thanks to it on the market.

Our role is to meet all these needs in one tailored solution. And we have been doing it effectively for over 30 years.

Turnkey projects

Imagine that the entire burden of implementing your project can be lifted from your shoulders – that’s what we offer as part of our turnkey projects. Our irreplaceable engineers will take care of everything: from detailed design, through logistics, to the final setup and commissioning of machines in your hall.

Turnkey projects are our specialty – we have over three decades of experience in this area. The first turnkey project delivered was a 40-axis LBK cathode automated machining line in 1996.

We relive our clients of the burden of:

  • construction of foundations,
  • installation of dust removal systems,
  • development of processing technology,
  • preparation of post-processors and other components of the delivered projects.

In turnkey projects, we also take care of all logistics related to the project – including packaging, shipping, customs clearance, securing tools and lifting equipment.

With DTI you not only save time and resources, but you can be sure that your investment will bring the expected results. We provide fully loaded cycle time studies, not guesses.

Want to know the details? Get to know the most sophisticated turnkey projects we have had the pleasure of implementing and see how they changed the production reality of our client.