Lathes for the shipbuilding industry: Comprehensive machining of ship shafts

Are you looking for a game-changing solution in the shipbuilding industry? At DTI we have something special for you – our shipbuilding lathes are ideal for tasks such as the complete machining of ship shafts. Made to withstand the toughest challenges, our heavy-duty lathes not only improve the quality of your work, but also provide the precision and efficiency you need. Discover how our machines can transform your production processes, offering solutions tailored to your unique needs in marine shaft machining.

Comprehensive machining of ship shafts

We offer modern heavy-duty lathes for the shipbuilding industry – horizontal machine tools for machining shafts weighing up to 150 tons and with a load capacity between centers without supports of up to 100 tons.

The use of cast bodies, 4-rail beds, sliding guides, a square quill with a maximum cross-section of 800 mm x 800 mm and ball screws with a diameter of up to 100 mm allows for maintaining appropriate rigidity and accuracy of machining even the largest details.

Lathes for the shipbuilding industry – TV series

Our line of TV lathes is characterized by extraordinary precision, which is confirmed by the following parameters:

  • axial spindle runout – 0.003 mm,
  • radial spindle runout – 0.003 mm,
  • axis positioning accuracy – 0.008 mm / 1 m,
  • repeatability of axis positioning – 0.005 mm.

In the richest configuration, the TV series heavy-duty lathe has 24 numerically controlled axes and enables various types of machining, such as:

  • turning,
  • milling,
  • drilling,
  • planning,
  • reaming,
  • threading,
  • grinding,
  • polishing,
  • burnishing,
  • taper turning.

Complete machining of ship shafts is possible thanks to a wide range of possibilities – the machine provides comprehensive machining of shafts in one clamping in a fully automatic cycle. To create such a unique solution, we installed an innovative pallet system on the machine tool.

The heaviest TV lathe – power and efficiency

The heaviest of the TV family machine tools offers a spindle power of 300 kW. The combination of power with a very rigid bed structure allows for unprecedented machining efficiency.

You can collect up to 50 mm of material in one pass using two supports working together. The lathe has a torque of 340,000 Nm. The maximum turning diameter is 3000 mm with a maximum clearance above the bed of 3400 mm. The largest details you can process on it reach a length of 33 m.

As part of our extensive special equipment, we offer a wide selection of various types of supports – manual and numerically controlled. The offer also includes special numerically controlled supports with a lifting system for precise loading of workpieces in centers.