Retrofits and modernizations of heavy-duty machine tools :

Your partner in machine enhancement and life cycle extension

Renovations of heavy-duty machine tools are our specialty. DTI fully understands the task of maintaining  financial boundaries while achieving technological demands by offering  an economical and effective solution that gives your machine a second life. Modernization of heavy-duty machine tools not only significantly reduces investment costs compared to purchasing a new machine, but also ensures adaptation to the latest standards and increased production efficiency. Let DTI work with your team leaders to show how this is accomplished.

Renovations of heavy machine tools with DTI – what do you gain?

  • Significantly lower investment cost compared to purchasing a new machine tool – so you can use the saved funds for other company needs.

  • 12-month warranty for the work performed – with the warranty you gain an additional sense of security and certainty that the investment will be profitable in the long term.

  • Adapting your machine tool to modern safety standards – this not only meets legal safety requirements, but also increases user safety.

  • Increasing efficiency – as part of modernization, we implement modern technological solutions that increase the speed and efficiency of the machine tool, enabling the execution of more orders in a shorter time.

  • Returning or increasing the original accuracy of the machine tool (recertification) – retrofits of heavy-duty machine tools restore or even improve its original accuracy parameters!

  • Use of an existing foundation (in the case of modernization of your own machine tool) – no need to invest in new foundations or modifications to the hall, as the renovation is carried out using the existing infrastructure.

  • Shorter project implementation time compared to purchasing a new machine – the modernization process is usually faster than the waiting time for the delivery and installation of a new machine tool, which allows for a faster return to full productivity.

  • Possibility to add special equipment – modernization of heavy-duty machine tools allows the machine to be adapted to specific production requirements by adding special equipment that is not available in standard models.

  • Minimizing the time the machine is taken out of production – thanks to meticulous planning and implementation, the machine’s unavailability time is kept to a minimum, which reduces the impact on current production by reducing downtime.

How do we modernize heavy-duty machine tools?

At DTI, we adapt the modernization of heavy-duty machine tools to your individual requirements, starting with a thorough analysis of the technical condition of the proposed machine for renovation.

The basic scope of work includes the installation of new elements, such as:

  • Siemens CNC control
  • drives and gearboxes
  • wiring
  • air-conditioned electrical cabinet and pendant
  • hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems
  • Heidenhain linear scales
  • bearings
  • linear or slide ways
  • fence

As part of the basic service, we also clean and paint the machine and provide you with up-to-date operating instructions.

Additionally – depending on your needs – modernization may include replacing entire assemblies with new ones (e.g. headstocks or carriages), increasing spindle speeds or adding new functionalities, such as changing the tool clamp from manual to automatic.

In addition, it is possible to additionally equip the machine with new heads, tool and head changers, measuring probes, steady rests and other elements based on mutual agreements.

The entire modernization project is carried out based on a detailed schedule. The primary goal is to shorten the time the machine is taken out of production. Therefore, we carry out all preparatory work (design, component purchases) before disassembling the machine tool.

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new machine tool? We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you! If you don’t have a machine to upgrade, you can purchase an aftermarket machine tool from DTI.