Next door modernization

The project that we have recently implemented was very close to us. And I’m not talking about the distance separating us from the client, the implementation took place two streets from our workshop, but the “closeness” (to our heart) was primarily influenced by the fact that at the place were already four of our machines. A fifth was about to join… but from the beginning.

Client, a leading company producing high-quality carbon products, entrusted us with a task concerning a special boring machine used for machining carbon-graphite blocks, and more specifically – changing the design of the milling spindle bearing and the rotary table drive.

We started with the basic modernization works (our standard version):

  • cleaning and washing the machine tool,
  • renovation of the turntable assembly, along with a change in the design of its travel drive
  • repair of the column assembly
  • overhaul of the headstock, along with the change of the bearing of the milling spindle
  • replacement of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

To this should be added disassembly, assembly and commissioning at the customer.

Then (which is already part of the special equipment) we thoroughly rebuilt the headstock. The goal was to achieve maximum spindle rigidity when machining with disc cutters diameter 700mm and boring bars with a length of 1000mm. Changing the design of the spindle bearing and the bearing of the ISO 60 tool clamping from OTT JAKOB allowed us to obtain the required accuracy. Thanks to the use of modern hydromechanical clamps from OTT JAKOB, we have significantly improved the positioning and clamping of the milling unit and the table during machining (eliminating vibrations).

The modernization was completed within 6 months.