Rough machining of forgings: Milling machines and lathes for heavy industry

Discover the power and durability of DTI heavy-duty mills and lathes – designed for the challenges of roughing and forging. At DTI, we provide machines that are not only the foundation for heavy industry, but also the key to optimizing your production processes. We provide innovative, tailor-made solutions that transform operational difficulties into your production success.

Forgings – heavy machining

We are experts in heavy cutting. Our offer includes milling machines and lathes prepared for heavy machining of raw forgings using an ISO 60 tool tapers.

Roughing – heavy-duty FB milling machines

For milling operations, we offer heavy-duty milling machines from the FB series. Using our heavy-duty milling machines, you gain torque of up to 6,900 Nm and power of up to 92 kW, so you can perform roughing efficiently, also with 2 spindles simultaneously (2 vertical or one vertical and one horizontal). This allows for more effective machining,  (top and side).

Are you looking for unique, tailor-made solutions? This is our specialty! An example is a special milling machine operating in the forge of our American customer with a total installed power of 0.6 MW and a torque on the spindle of 48,000 Nm.

The FB family of milling machines is also available in a gantry version. Additionally, it offers a wide range of options, including:

  • special angle heads produced by DTI (torque over 5000Nm),
  • automatic tool changer for vertical and horizontal tools,
  • automatic head changer,
  • dedicated workpiece clamping solutions,
  • movable crossrail,
  • rotary table  
  • others, depending on your individual needs.

Turning – heavy-duty horizontal TV lathes

For turning operations, we offer the TV series of heavy-duty horizontal lathes. The largest of them allow the machining of shafts weighing up to 150 tons and the load capacity between centers without steady rests up to 100 tons.

The heaviest of the TV family machine tools offers a spindle power of 300 kW. Combining this power with a very rigid bed structure allows for unprecedented machining efficiency. You can collect up to 50 mm of material in one pass using two carriages working together!

The lathe offers a torque of 340,000 Nm. The maximum turning diameter is 3000 mm with a maximum clearance above the bed of 3400 mm. This machine tool allows the processing of workpieces up to 33 m long.

As part of our extensive special equipment is wide selection of steady rests of various types – manual and numerically controlled. Our offer also includes special numerically controlled steady rests with a lifting system for precise loading of workpieces in centers.