Solutions for the energy industry: Machine tools for heat exchangers

Welcome to the world where precision meets efficiency – DTI machine tools for the energy sector are the answer to the modern needs of your industry. Our solutions  for machining heat exchangers elements and tube collectors guarantee not only reliability, but also innovation that significantly increases the efficiency of your production. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, you will shorten the processing time while maintaining the highest quality and precision of workmanship.

Machine tools for the energy industry

We supply special machine tools dedicated to processing:

  • sheets in shell-and-tube heat exchangers,
  • baffles in shell and tube heat exchangers,
  • pipe collectors.

Machine tools for heat exchangers

To meet the requirements of machining sheets in shell-and-tube heat exchangers and baffles in shell-and-tube heat exchangers, we have developed an advanced family of multi-spindle gantry milling machines GMC and multi-spindle drilling machines HMDD.

Multi-spindle gantry milling machines GMC

Designed to perform a wide range of operations such as chamfering, drilling, reaming and interpolation milling, allowing for the precision machining of thousands of holes.

Using innovative technologies, our machine tools intelligently correct the spindle position with the actual position of the hole, eliminating the possibility of error.

Each milling, chamfering and drilling vertical machining unit is equipped with a 3D laser scanner. They scan the entire workpiece, and then – based on the actual image obtained – a machining program for a given workpiece is automatically generated.

The operator’s task is limited to clamping the workpiece and setting the base point. The use of such a solution increases machining efficiency many times. An additional advantage that speeds up work is the solution that allows the spindle to move without the need to move the whole gate (± 46mm in the “X” axis and ± 100mm in the “Y” axis).

The rigidity of the machine tool is guaranteed, among others, by a double master-slave travel system with electronic backlash compensation in the “X” axis (gate travel) and two ball screws for vertical travel of each vertical machining unit (“Z” axis).

Any vibrations occurring during machining are eliminated by a specially designed set of cylinders. Holes are made with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mm in each plane.

Multi-spindle drilling machines HMDD

Designed to perform deep drilling in sheets and baffles for heat exchangers, allowing 3 drilling methods on one machine: BTA, GUNDRILL (ELB) and standard drilling and threading with SK 50 tool taper.

Drilling can be performed with one or several spindles at the same time, and oil cooling of 800 l/min at a pressure of 110 bar ensures the efficiency and smoothness of processing.

The use of hydrostatic guides in the “X” axis in combination with cast machine bodies and measuring scales in all axes ensures maximum rigidity and the highest accuracy.

In the standard configuration, the machine is equipped with 3 horizontal spindles providing the highest smoothness of the surface of the holes made. The possibility of personalization ensures that the equipment and parameters are adapted to your technological requirements.



Machine tools for tube collectors

The WK600 series of machine tools is an ideal solution for machining all types of tube collectors. They precisely perform preparatory processing for welding pipe fittings. They are perfect as machine tools for machining thick-walled pipes.

One of their main advantages is accurate angular positioning of the workpiece using a master-slave drive with electronic backlash compensation. The use of such a drive provides very high torque while maintaining high machining precision.