Efficient and economical solution

DTI successfully modernized a 40-year-old Voestalpine planing machine into a modern PLATE EDGE MILLING MACHINE for a world known energy sector customer. Usually this kind of machines are used to machine large flame cutting  plates in preparation for welded constructions.  The machine is now faster, more reliable, obtains a high precision and applies with the current safety rules.

After the modernization this single column milling machine is able to chamfer the metal sheets with a  maximum thickness 200mm in one clamping  – from the top edge, the face and the bottom edge. This is highly appreciated when considering the length of the biggest sheets up to 20m.

The carriage is moving on the hardened and ground slide ways. On the movable column (Z axis 320 mm ) the vertical plate is installed (Y axis 750 mm ). On it the angular head +/- 46 deg. prepared for ISO 50 tools is mounted. Power: 39 kW (S1).

Proper clamping is guaranteed by 26 hydraulic cylinders divided in several sections that can work independently operated by 2 additional operator panels, located at both ends of the machine. After refurbishment the machine meets the highest standards on required tolerances, straightness and parallelism.

Thanks to the modernization the clamping time and machining time have been significantly reduced. The customer did not have to purchase a new machine, install a new foundation. DTI was able to complete the job with minimum downtime: the plate edge milling machine was back up and running in production in less than 10 weeks thanks to the efforts of DTI’s project team.   Furthermore, special precautions were made to keep the environmental impacts of the renovation in regard  to noise, dust and heat to the bare minimum.

 After refurbishment the machine capabilities can be also expanded with following options:

  • automatic plates measuring
  • preparation of plate edges for Y, U, V-type welds
  • loading – positioning – rotating system (no overhead crane necessary).

DTI’s long experience in CNC milling machine overhauls was a crucial factor in the successful completion of this project. Their skilled engineers and technicians prepared everything with meticulous precision and executed the update accordingly. Overall the project is a testament to the expertise and teamwork of everyone involved and showcases DTI’s ability in finishing machinery tool modernizations no matter the size or complexity of the machine at hand.