DTI launch the new family of heavy-duty 5 axis machining centers 5HMC

5HMC is the answer to the demands of the customers who need highest productivity also for heavy-duty machining. Prepared for ISO 60 tools with an impressive max torque of 7500 Nm this new design allows to effectively machine parts up to 25 tons. It can be configured with the max spindle power of 60kW.

As always DTI delivers rigidity and accuracy in one machine by providing the following features in standard execution:

  • All main components (column, rotary table, 2 beds, milling unit) made of grey iron casting
  • “Y” axis double gantry feed drive with electronic compensation of the spindle axis leveling
  • “A” double feed drive with backlash electronic compensation (“master slave”)
  • “B” double feed drive with backlash electronic compensation (“master slave”)
  • Beds and column slide (steel hardened and ground), hydrostatic or linear ways size 65
  • Positioning accuracy for “X”, “Y” and “Z” axis ±0.01 mm/1m
  • Repeatability for “X”, “Y” and “Z” axis ±0.008 mm
  • Angular positioning accuracy for “A” and “B” axis ±0.0015 deg.
  • Angular repeatability for “A” and “B” axis ±0.0010 deg.

The first from the family 5HMC250CNC is machining the work pieces with dimensions of 800mm x 800 mm x 4000 mm. On the customer’s special request there is a milling cutter with a diameter of Ø900 mm installed on the face of the spindle. Another advantage is that all the media are supplied through the center of the table. The rotary table itself is equipped with hydromechanical clamps that keep in the working position. 

Please see the technical specification and possible configurations of new 5HMC family.