Our Collaboration with Ingersoll – Shaping New Horizons in the World of Production

We are delighted to share with our community a significant achievement. The latest issue of the esteemed “Manufacturing Today” magazine shed light on our dynamic collaboration with the renowned company Ingersoll.

Ingersoll, as an outstanding industry leader, acknowledged our partnership in an article, which is a tremendous honor for us. The article emphasizes that our joint work brings results in the field of production and sets new standards of innovation.

We warmly invite you to read on to discover how, together with Ingersoll, we are shaping the future of production through our innovative approach and advanced technologies. Together, we are building the foundations of success for our partners in the competitive business environment.

We are pleased with the recognition expressed by Ingersoll towards our collaboration. This is also the result of trust and support from you, which propels us to achieve higher standards. Our joint work is a prime example that synergy yields impressive results, thereby influencing the future of the manufacturing industry.

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