DTI launch a unique family of heavy-duty 5+1 HMC swiveling boring mills

5HMC series is an answer to the demands of the customers who need the highest productivity also for heavy-duty machining. Prepared for ISO 50 and ISO 60 tools with an impressive max torque of 7500 Nm this new design allows to effectively machine parts up to 25 tons. It can be configured with the max spindle power of 60kW (S1).

This family of 5 axis horizontal milling centers with swiveling spindle unit has been designed to maximize the machining efficiency. All media are supplied through the center of the table and the spindle. A milling cutter with a max diameter of Ø1100mm can be installed on the face of the spindle.

The rotary table itself is equipped with hydro – mechanic clamps, clamping the table in the working position with a precision of ±0.0015 deg.

The key feature of 5HMC family is the heavy-duty swiveling spindle unit (“A” axis). Now we lift it to an even higher level. With the optional boring bar mounted on the swiveling head we create an absolute unique possibility to transform the 5HMC into 5+1 HMC swiveling boring mill with an additional “W” axis.

These combined 6 axis give our customers an opportunity for effective horizontal and angular boring of the most challenging workpieces with ISO 50 and ISO 60 tools in one clamping position. The spindle swiveling range varies from +20⁰ / -5⁰ to +30⁰ / -10⁰. Depending on the size of 5+1 HMC the power can vary from 31 to 70kW (S1) and the torque respectively from 950Nm to 4100Nm.

DTI is well known for its rigid designs to ensure the tight tolerances to be maintained over time. This machine family is no different. All main components (column, rotary table, 2 beds, milling unit) are made of grey iron casting. The beds and column are equipped with slide (steel hardened and ground), hydrostatic or linear ways.

5HMC and 5+1 HMC series offer an outstanding quality standards when machining with ISO 50 and ISO 60 tools:

  • positioning accuracy for “X”, “Y” and “Z” axis ±0.01 mm/1m
  • repeatability for “X”, “Y” and “Z” axis ±0.008 mm
  • angular positioning accuracy for “A” and “B” axis ±0.0015 deg.
  • angular repeatability for “A” and “B” axis ±0.0010 deg.

To achieve these impressive results several solutions are provided in the standard execution:

  • “A” and “B” axis master slave type
  • “Y” axis double gantry feed drive with electronic compensation of the spindle axis leveling
  • Heidenhain linear and rotary scales.

The 5HMC and 5+1 HMC family offer a wide choice of optional equipment. Not only the standard options like tool changers or workpiece probing. Also pallet systems and dust extraction systems.

Among our customer is Tokai Cobex where we have 3 machines installed. This confirms 30 years of DTI experience in providing the customized solutions for the carbon industry. Nowadays we offer state of the art machine tools dedicated for cathode blocks, nipples and furnace linings.